5 Hot Restaurant Franchise Niches for 2018 and Beyond

April 27, 2018

Restaurant Franchises

For a potential restaurant franchisee, it can be tough to decide what kind of franchise you’d like to sink your life savings into (or even just a hefty chunk of your savings). After all, weren’t froyo franchises the hot thing just a little while ago? And what about cupcake places? Many entrepreneurs have seen their investments suffer after fads died down a bit.

To help you out, here are 10 great franchise niches for 2018 and beyond. We’ve specifically chosen these not just for how great they are today, but how we expect they’ll be doing years from now.

  1. Pizza Franchises – Pizza is one of the most popular foods in America, and that’s not changing anytime soon. For a trendy twist on the pizza franchise, consider a brick oven pizza franchise. It’s a style that’s been slowing growing in popularity, but it also makes good financial sense. The thinner pizzas and hotter ovens mean less cooking time – and that means you can cycle through customers more quickly.
  2. Smoothie Franchises – Increasingly, people are becoming health conscious – and that means more fruits and vegetables. Smoothies provide a palatable way to get your greens. Many franchises also offer some food items to help you draw even more customers.
  3. Burger Franchises – The humble burger has come a long way, and new franchises that combine burgers and upscale drinks or craft beer are doing really well in urban areas.
  4. Mexican Food Franchises – People have begun to realize that some fast food Mexican places aren’t exactly authentic. Chipotle raised burrito standards around the country, but other brands are making great headway into a crowded market.
  5. Bakery & Cafe Franchises – Traditional greasy fast food isn’t scoring many points with the millennial crowd, but slightly more upscale soups and sandwiches are thriving.

What’s your pick for the most promising restaurant franchise niche of the coming years? What factors are you looking at to influence that?



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